Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is It Time For School Yet?


Mid winter school break is upon us.  The boys have had a great vacation – their cousins Daniel and Jason were up this week and they spend a lot of time with them.  We’ve been sledding and playing at McDonalds and out to Family World and hanging out at home playing the Wii.  Now that Sunday is here, there are some sure signs that we are ready for school to start.  The boys have done nothing but fight all day – Joseph lost his game privileges about 20 minutes after he woke up this morning, Gregory finally rolled out of bed at 3:00 p.m. and Lucas has been crying pretty much all day.  If only I could include the sound with this picture sequence – and yes, he is standing in the corner and he put himself there…..


I’m going now to pack lunches because SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!

Dining Room Remodel

Yes!!  The dining room remodel is done and I did it all myself.  When we first moved in the wallpaper on the dining room walls was awful and I swore that it would be coming right down…..well, four years later, it is down and repainted.

These are the before shots.  The wallpaper is gone and the holes are filled.  Please ignore the spots that appear throughout…there is something on my camera lens and I didn’t notice until the picture were already uploaded.

And here are the after shots.  The walls are in need of some major decorations, but I didn’t want to buy anything until after it was done so I could see what would work the best.  I’m going to get a big oval mirror to hang over the sideboard along with some candle sconces.  There is also a long wall opposite the wall with the door – Steve is going to make me a long shelf to hang and he promised it would be done before the end of the week.  Also, the boys playroom is on the porch off the dining room (currently a bright shade of yellow) that will also be painted the same green.  The toys will be removed and taken to their room so I can have my porch back!  That is the next project on my list and will be (keeping my fingers crossed) finished next weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Pictures

The boys went to Gramma and Papa’s today so Steve and I went for a ride.  I love hoping in the car and going for an unplanned ride through the little towns.  We ended up in Gouverneur, stopped for lunch and visited a Flea Market / Antique store.  While riding through the back roads, I snapped a few random pictures – I like pictures of broken down, abandoned barns.  With the snow and gray skies, it added a little to the atmosphere.




Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics


Vancouver 2010 logo.svg

Is anybody else watching the Winter Olympics?  I am and I’m lovin it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I love finishing a project, mostly because I get so excited to start something new and be done with the old!

This was originally going to be a blanket for the boys, but then decided against it – we have enough blankets.  This is for a child or it could be a lap blanket.  It’s made with Lion Brands Vanna’s Choice yarn – my favorite!


This sweater is not one of my favorites.  It was my first attempt at using fun fir and, sadly, it will be my last.  It is too hard for me to work with and because you can’t see your stitches, you need to count them as you are going along and with the kids running around and having to stop work often, I lost track of where I was!  The picture doesn’t do the sweater much justice either – I tried an inside picture and the flash reflected off the fun fir, so I took this one outside – and it’s freezing and I felt a little strange hanging out in my back yard with a two year old sized doll, so I didn’t adjust anything, just snapped the shot and came inside.


And now, with these two projects done, photographed and listed on my Etsy site – I can start something new! 


If you want to browse my other project – click HERE.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Movie Night

Yeah, I know what your thinking “Jack Black for FAMILY movie night?!?” – so call the parent police!!  Joseph and Lucas were too young to understand the humor, Gregory is a teenager and loved every minute of it and Steve and I just laughed and rolled our eyes!  It was a good flick for some great belly laughs.  Added bonus – quality time with all my guys.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Heart Old Navy Flag Shirts!

Greg Joseph 7-05 a2005

boys 7-06 m  2006

June 2007 0572007


2009 July (4)


I love Old Navy’s flag shirts!  Every Fourth of July since Gregory was very little I have been buying these shirts and taking pictures.  I do have older pictures of just Gregory in his shirts, but they need to be scanned in (maybe tomorrow a continuation….).  This may have been the last year that Greg will participate in this little tradition I have started; maybe I can get him to put one on, let me take the picture and then he can take it off – I won’t make him go through the “embarrassment” of wearing it all day while we prance around Sackets Harbor.