Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where are you…..

Man or man – where have I been – it seems like I haven’t posted in forever!  In one sense it seems like things have been crazy busy and there is no time to post and then on the other hand – nothing really exciting has happened to blog about!?!?  We were lovin the warm temps we had last week and got outside to play and clean up the yard but now it has been cold and rainy; but that’s what we need for the green grass and flowers to start coming alive!

I’ve also started a new job – still at the same business, but I’m working in the Human Resources office.  I just started Monday but all is going great – I hate changing jobs but this worked out good because it was a promotion for me, I got to keep all my benefit time and I already know all the people that I will be working with and for.  I get tired of the same old / same old and after five years, I was ready to change things up a little. 

I have all the stuff to make the St. Patty’s day photo display below, but I guess now that Easter is approaching, I better think twice.  And I can almost guarantee that I won’t get it done in time for Easter either…..guess I’ll just make it a fun summer display!  I’ve got about ten other projects going – Steve and I have been working on remodeling the little bedroom upstairs – the bookshelves have been torn out, new windows installed (well one of them….) the rug was ripped off and a nasty layer of glue was left.  Steve worked his butt off sanding the floors down, staining and then polying them and now they look wonderful!  The trim was all repainted and the wiring redone.  Now we plan to turn it into a computer / game room and are looking for the right furniture.  I’ll post pictures when that is done.

So – after the computer is moved out of our big  bedroom, the little boys will be moved in there and then most of their toys will be brought upstairs so then I can work on the sun porch and then on to the living room!  I think by the time we get all these rooms remodeled – it will be time to start all over again.

Oh – and we splurged and bought a huge refrigerator (stainless steel, side by side with ice make and water on the door) and a really nice stainless and black stove.  I’m loving them!  Then last weekend our dryer was on the fritz – so we bought a new dryer. 

Making lots of progress on the house – but not a lot on the blog.  More later!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol

Yawn….Yawn….Yawn….  Oh American Idol I am so disappointed this year!!  I have been a faithful follower all this time but I’m seriously considering terminating our time together!  I think I’m compelled to sit in front of the TV every week just to see if someone finally GETS IT – gets what??  The “wow factor – Dog, the wow factor – it’s just not happenin for me, know what I’m sayin?”  Ugh….and it’s the same old thing those darned song choices!  The guys are up tomorrow, will I sit through it, oh probably!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Photo Display

I don’t have very many St. Patrick’s Day decorations and to look at them all in the store, they’re pretty pathetic (green plastic hats and tinsel shamrock garland – ick).  So, I was happy to see this photo display that Gillian at All The Small Things made:

Lucky They're Mine

I have tons of photos of the family and I wanted ways to display them rather than scrapbook albums or a gazillion frames all over the place.  AND I have a new office and a big desk screaming for some cuteness.  I have already placed my order for the rack and will post my final product soon!

If you would like to read more about Gillian's photo display check it out here!