Friday, August 17, 2012


Make a wish


One nation under God

Friday, August 3, 2012



This is my view outside from the kitchen window. 

It may look like “just” a dirt pile, but to my boys it’s pure joy.

The city is renovating all the sidewalks in need of repair – how nice you may think!  Well, think again; it’s great that they are fixing/replacing every sidewalk in the city that has been in desperate need of repair for years, but it is all at the expense of the property owner.  We don’t mind helping out, but to say to us that you need your sidewalk replace now and here is a bill for $2,000 that needs to be paid immediately is like a kick in the stomach.  We are able to pay this bill, but I am sure there are many that can not.

Now, back to the dirt – my boys are in utter joy over this pile!  They have jumped their bikes over it, dug holes (or tunnels depends on who you ask), climbed all over it and have gotten out all the matchboxes and monsters trucks they can possibly find.

The funny part – watching the bobcat driver this morning sifting through the dirt pile to get out all the abovementioned toys before he can scoop up some dirt.  My theory – I am paying two grand for this project, the dirt pile is mine!

On a side note, I probably have a 1/4 of that dirt pile throughout my house to include my kitchen floor, dirty footprints up the stairs, all over my bathroom floor, dirty handprints along the side of the shower and a hefty pile in the bottom of the tub. 

**sigh** Guess I better get cleaning – they’ve just delivered a new pile……