Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012


Merry Christmas

from our house to yours

Friday, August 17, 2012


Make a wish


One nation under God

Friday, August 3, 2012



This is my view outside from the kitchen window. 

It may look like “just” a dirt pile, but to my boys it’s pure joy.

The city is renovating all the sidewalks in need of repair – how nice you may think!  Well, think again; it’s great that they are fixing/replacing every sidewalk in the city that has been in desperate need of repair for years, but it is all at the expense of the property owner.  We don’t mind helping out, but to say to us that you need your sidewalk replace now and here is a bill for $2,000 that needs to be paid immediately is like a kick in the stomach.  We are able to pay this bill, but I am sure there are many that can not.

Now, back to the dirt – my boys are in utter joy over this pile!  They have jumped their bikes over it, dug holes (or tunnels depends on who you ask), climbed all over it and have gotten out all the matchboxes and monsters trucks they can possibly find.

The funny part – watching the bobcat driver this morning sifting through the dirt pile to get out all the abovementioned toys before he can scoop up some dirt.  My theory – I am paying two grand for this project, the dirt pile is mine!

On a side note, I probably have a 1/4 of that dirt pile throughout my house to include my kitchen floor, dirty footprints up the stairs, all over my bathroom floor, dirty handprints along the side of the shower and a hefty pile in the bottom of the tub. 

**sigh** Guess I better get cleaning – they’ve just delivered a new pile……

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Photo A Day

So I totally flopped on the July Photo A Day Challenge, so why not try again in August.  

Photo a day August challenge list

Just follow the list, use the daily prompt as inspiration and take a photo. Share that photo anywhere you like, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter etc.
Here’s some more details on the list, explaining what each prompt MIGHT mean.  There are no rules.
1. Outside: Take a photo of outside {outdoors} or something outside of something.
2. One: This can be anything. The number 1. The word one. A single item.
3. Coin: This can be money. Perhaps a coin you see on the ground. One from your wallet.
4. Somewhere you sat: Where have you sat today? Take a photo.
5. Logo: Take a photo of a logo, on something you buy, somewhere you see it or something you have at home. Or even your own logo?
6. Writing: This could be your own writing, something you’re reading, or something someone wrote to you.
7. 8 o’clock: Take a photo of whatever you’re doing/seeing at 8am or 8pm. Or both.
8. Glasses: This could be drinking glasses, sunglasses or spectacles.
9. Messy: What’s a mess? Take a photo of it. Again, be creative. Think outside the box.
10. Ring: This could be like a wedding ring, or a circle or even someone on the phone?
11. Purple: Take a photo of something purple.
12. Spoon: Take a photo of a spoon, the eating utensil.
13. Simple: Take a photo of simplicity, whatever this means to you.
14. Arrow: Take a photo of an arrow.
15. Ready: What’s ready right now? Are you ready to explore? Is your lunch ready? Are you ready to leave? This one will get you thinking.
16. Food: Take a photo of food, real or play.
17. Faces: Do you see faces in things? In clouds, on cars? Take a photo. Or take a pic of real faces.
18. Inside: Go outside and look in, take a photo. Or take a photo of something inside something else.
19. Hole: Take a photo of a hole.
20. Today: Take a photo of something in your day today.
21. Cool: This can be something in temperature or something that’s ‘hip’.
22. Home: What reminds you of home? Or even take a photo of your home. Or simple a house.
23. Pair: Take a photo of a pair, two people, salt and pepper, two things that go together.
24. Path: Take a photo of a path, or your feet on the path.
25. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh.
26. Dream: What did you dream about last night? Or what are your ‘hopes and dreams’?
27. Tap: Take a photo of a tap, or someone or something ‘tapping’.
28. Clock: Take a photo of a time-telling device.
29. Down: Look down, take a photo. Or however you want to interpret this!
30. Card: Take a photo of a card, a business card, a loyalty card, a gift card or something else.
31. Hidden: Take a photo of something hidden.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Setting Sail

Goodbye, Farewell, Bon Voyage,

Sayonara, Arrivederci, Adios,

Aurevoir, Shalom, Hasta La Vista

So long my friends!  Me, my oldest son Gregory and my Mother are getting ready to set sail on our first cruise.  The journey will begin at 2:00 a.m. when we leave for our drive to Albany.  From there we will board a train to NYC where we will board the ship.

For two and a half days we will be at sea, then spend two days in Bermuda and then head back to NYC.  We will arrive back in NYC on Sunday morning and will board the train late Sunday night – this will give us a whole day to spend in the city sightseeing and shopping.

While I am very excited to show my oldest the Big Apple, I’m very sad to be leaving my youngest at home.  It was decided that this first cruise will be a learning adventure and we will see how the little guys will do so we can take them on the next one.

I will miss you my babies!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Three Guys

These three guys hold a very special place in my heart – and always will. 
I love you boys forever and ever.